With the magnificent 18 holes GOLF of the Mont-Garni bordering the property, and nearby a MANEGE, the Belgium Cable Park for WATER SPORTS, the Saint-Ghislain Airfield for a flight in Ultralight or light aircraft, zoological excursions to PAIRI DAIZA, cultural visits to the Château de BELOEIL, LE GRAND HORNU, BAVAY Antique Forum, GASTRONOMIC restaurants, outdoor MARKETS with organic products from our GARDEN or farms, in addition to local SUPERMARKETS, we offer a complete spectrum of opportunities for EXPERIENCING THE GOOD MOMENT without taking the highway.

www.grandhornu.be (modern art)


www.forumantique.fr (Roman ruins in Bavay)

www.a-l-infolie.be (joint venture partner)




HOSPITALITY is provided by a young household and their three children who have lived there and supervised the complex for almost ten years. Since COVID 19, sanitary and disinfection requirements will be strictly enforced for your complete safety.


Jean-Marie Demulier, owner-manager of the complex, has been providing language training (Dutch, French, Italian, English, German, Spanish ) in the business community for many years.

It will be entirely his pleasure to communicate in the language you prefer to practice or perfect.